Essential carry: the sherpa's companion to handbags

Fashionistas, whether beginners or experts, understand that they need certain fundamentals to pull off their unique, creative looks. A soft, coral lipstick. Azure shadow that accentuates the eyes. Shimmering highlighters for cheekbones. But when it comes to the vast array of handbags on the market, finding a versatile bag to accessorize and compliment one's style can be a bewildering task. However, these essential handbags will not only take your exclusive flair to the next level, but will bring functionality to any trend you choose.

Tote Bags and Shoppers

In today's hectic world, these bags are a must-have for ladies on the go. Given the amount of items one needs to tackle a productive day, the roominess of totes and shoppers is a fashion blessing. The tote bags, with a wide opening at the top for easy reach-and-grab, come in a variety of graphic designs and are low-maintenance. An endless assortment of patterns and hues allows you to dress up or dress down your style effortlessly. Whether you are a coed cramming for final exams or a busy mom pulled in a dozen different directions, totes give you artistic control over your fashion.

Hobo bags

Despite the less-than-polished name, hobo bags exude luxury and adventure. Made with gentle materials and frequently shaped like a half-moon, hobos offer a gypsy-chic tone to breezy, buoyant fads. Also, due to their lack of structure, the hobo bag adapts to any body type, so there is no hassle in trying to find the perfect one for your shape.

Clutches and evening bags

Whether you are attending a lavish dinner party or sharing a romantic night out on the town, an evening clutch is crucial for a feminine, sophisticated effect. Small and discreet with elegant embellishments, such as pearl appliques and silky, cloth construction, these bags are not only visually enticing, they lend a cultured, tactile feel to your evening fashion. If the classic rectangular shape does not suit you, clutches are available in a range of other silhouettes, such as shells and globes.

Crossbody bags

These bags are one of the most dexterous, because they flatter any trend. Similar to hippie bags, the crossbody bag is another bag of basic style and convenience that frees your hands and upper-body, allowing you freedom to hustle through the day without the annoyance of short straps and handles. Also, unlike the majority of handbags on the market, the crossbody is unisex. This can skyrocket a man's look from blasé to breathtaking.

Shoulder bags

This is the quintessential handbag and can be casual or debonair. This cardinal bag is the origin of many styles of everyday bags, such as the crossbody, satchel, and hippie. If you only ever have one handbag in your fashion arsenal, make sure it is a shoulder bag. They come in thousands of different styles, so it is easy to tailor them to your personal fashion. This bag is so important because it is virtually impossible to exclude it from any trend. Also, it is the perfect bag for fashionistas of any age.

Satchel bags

Even though the name suggests it is droopy and slumped like a hobo bag, the satchel has a sturdy, rectangular bottom that allows it to remain upright when you set it down. Usually carried by hand like a briefcase, this is the ideal bag for long days at the office or running errands. Many have interior pockets to hold small items, such as pens and keys, and their (generally) solid dyes create an eye-catching "pop" of color sure to refine your professional look.

Bucket bags

Bucket bags offer a fun and flirty touch to those chaotic days when you have to pack-and-run. Whether you are having a frantic Saturday or a lazy day off, the bucket bag is critical to accomplishing a mellow, relaxed style. With no straps, locks, or zippers, this bag guarantees comfort and leisure.